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Why Excel should not be used in the healthcare sector

I have been building systems for the healthcare sector for the last 13 years. Indeed, I often advocate using Excel as a getting started tool to help understand the requirements to build the main solution. I also have built solutions in platforms like Filemaker Pro and worked with developers building SQL server solutions. The furore […]

Using a database to track medical trials

A few years ago, I was approached by a company that undertook medical trials in the area of cognitive conditions such as dementia to see if I could improve their forecasting process. Over time they had developed a very sophisticated spreadsheet to predict the number of patients they would be treating in a particular month. […]

Our 5 top database design tips

Introduction For many companies a database is a necessary investment – but many organisations struggle to implement them successfully. Fingertips Intelligence has several years of designing and deploying systems for our clients in different vertical markets. Here are some essential tips that we believe lead to successful database design. We’ve also included soime case studies […]

How to stop having hell with excel

One of the most common questions that I am asked is why should I replace my excel spreadsheets with a database … will it really stop me “having hell” with excel ? And people are curious as what are the benefits of having a database rather a spreadsheet ? So here are 10 top reasons for […]

What is Management Reporting

What is Management Reporting Most people I know are keen sports fans of some kind or another. They regularly track the performance of their favourite team against their expectations or even their fantasy teams. Yet it is surprising how many business owners actually neglect to do the same. Over the years, I have spoken to […]

Database design for Dummies

I was reflecting on the number of times that I have heard the phrase “Well I will provide you with the data and it can’t be that hard to build a database”. In my mind (apart from the indignant rage that this causes) this the same as expecting a plumber to turn up with your […]


Dynamic Charts

Introduction to Dynamic Charts Most excel users know how to create Excel charts by selecting a group of cells and clicking on one of the chart designs at the top .   In this case, the chart is easy to produce because we only have one row of data covering just 10 months. However, what […]

Database design – 6 things to think about

Fingertips Intelligence have been doing database design for over 10 years and we like to give our clients plenty of advice before we start their project. If I could summarise all that knowledge into one page then it would be – 1. A database is a business tool and has to fit your business. It […]