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Dynamic Charts

Introduction to Dynamic Charts Most excel users know how to create Excel charts by selecting a group of cells and clicking on one of the chart designs at the top .   In this case, the chart is easy to produce because we only have one row of data covering just 10 months. However, what […]

Database design – 6 things to think about

Fingertips Intelligence have been doing database design for over 10 years and we like to give our clients plenty of advice before we start their project. If I could summarise all that knowledge into one page then it would be – 1. A database is a business tool and has to fit your business. It […]

10 Benefits of invoice automation

Ever wondered what benefits would happen, if you automated the production of your invoices (cf invoice automation). Here are 10 possible ones:- 1. Imagine the time you’d save Have you ever worked out the time you waste on generating invoices by hand ? I had a customer who gained an extra 15 working days a […]

How to design better Excel management reporting systems

Introduction One of most common uses for Microsoft Excel is to produce effective management reporting.  So I thought I would write a blog explaining how key features of Excel that can improve the way that this information can be generated. Inputs That old saying “Garbage In – Garbage out” seems highly relevant  for excel management […]

Ten top tips of spreadsheet design

I have been building spreadsheets, databases and systems for over 20 years. So I thought it appropriate to come up with a list of Top 10 spreadsheet design tips:- 1. Is a spreadsheet really the best solution ? It actually flabbergasts me how many people start using spreadsheets when a proper database is actually more […]