How process automation can improve your sex life.


Yes in this blog I’m going to prove that process automation in your business can improve your sex life. This statement is actually based on a case study that happened several years ago.

The Challenge

My client was an international finance company based in London and Krakow (Poland). They had two directors – one based in each location. The London director looked after sales, whilst the Polish director foused on service delivery.

Once a month, the two directors held a meeting in which they reviewed the business performance. Prior to the meeting, the directors undertook a manual reconciliation process that compared the actual performance with the expected performance. However this was:-

  • an incredibly time consuming process taking 8 hours
  • invariably wrong due to the amount of data entry involved

In addition, as the process was so cumbersome it created considerable conflict between them. Indeed the business was stagnating because of the lack of having clear understanding of the numbers.

How we acheived process automation

Fingertips Intelligence implemented process automation by consolidating the existing spreadsheet systems into a single spreadsheet so that all the data flowed through the workbook. This was in contrast to the original process where the data had to be entered several times – which invariably resulted in errors.

Following the process automation, the updated spreadsheet:-

  • was instantaneous – immiediately saving them 8 hours a month
  • gave them an accurate picture of the business
  • contained graphs as well numbers so they could easily see what was happening on their business
  • allowed them to focus on growing the business rather than arguing with each other.

And Finally …

Having eliminated a very manual and cumbersome process, through process automation the directors were able to see the true state of the business and focus on growing it steadily rather than arguing with each other. Consequently they brought the business back from the brink, and turnover improved.

So why is an automated spreadsheet process benefical for your sex life ?

Well once they automated the most tedious part of their business, they weren’t so stressed. However as the turnover increased, the directors wives were a lot happier ….

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