Case Study


Spoke360 provide a personal car management service in Chelsea.

The Challenge

Spoke360 felt they were not getting the most out of their existing database, which was particularly important in tracking the status of their client’s cars. The system had the information they required, but extracting data was challenging.

Henry Kay, the Sales and Marketing Director at Spoke360, told us he wanted to make the business more efficient by having information more readily available. He wanted to:

  • Be able to see when MOT, service and road tax dates were coming up
  • Get advance notification of members’ renewal dates
  • Be aware of upcoming ad hoc events
  • Organise the data more effectively
  • Make better use of FileMaker features such as the web browser

Our Solution

It became clear, during our initial discussion with the client, that some quick fixes were required rather than a complete revamp of the system.

We made some simple tweaks to their existing FileMaker system, including:

  • Having a dashboard that would show key information at a glance –including MOT and service dates
  • Having a search bar on each screen so client and vehicle details could be tracked easily
  • A web browser linked to Google Maps, so each client’s location could be seen
  • A button bar to ensure easy navigation around the system