Case Study

Montage Arts Theatre

Montage Arts Theatre provides dance classes to children in the Lewisham area and is a registered charity.

The Challenge

The charity was working with an antiquated version of FileMaker for its database, which was virtually impossible to use. For instance, management reporting could not be carried out; all records had to be exported to Excel and the reports constructed manually.

Our Solution

We implemented a system that was far easier to use. The benefits of the new system included:

  • A more attractive user interface
  • A new search facility so that a family’s records could be found
  • A new data hierarchy so that information flowed more smoothly – families, children, terms and courses attended
  • Click-through buttons so data could be investigated
  • A function to add new terms; previously a new database was added at the start of each term
  • The ability to create additional courses
  • Design for a complete set of management reports

One of the outcomes of the new system was that the charity applied successfully for a £10,000 funding grant.