Case Study

Patrician Marble Co

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Patrician Marble produces high-quality goods, often for use in bathrooms and wetrooms.

The Challenge

The company had an old database, which was not fit for purpose, for the following reasons:

  • It had been designed as a spreadsheet, with no data hierarchy. That meant it was not possible to answer questions such as which builders had been assigned to a particular job, and which job had been sold by a particular salesperson
  • The user interface was poor and hard to navigate
  • Work orders had to be created manually
  • The poor set-up meant the data quality was equally poor

Our Solution

We completely redesigned the system and rebuilt it using FileMaker Pro. Some of the features of the new system were:

  • The user interface consisted of a toolbar that meant that it was much easier to navigate between jobs, work orders and builder information.
  • There was an improved data hierarchy which meant a user could find information such as which jobs were assigned to a particular builder and the status of each work order
  • Documents and images could be uploaded so all details were in the same place