Case Study

Andrew Dobson Architects

Andrew Dobson Architects is a thriving practice based in Fulham with has grown steadily and now has eight members of staff.

The Challenge

Andrew Dobson, owner of the company, wanted an easier and more effective way of managing the 200+ projects being worked on at any time. He believed this could be achieved with a bespoke CRM.

Our Solution

We developed a solution which focused initially on projects and contacts and was later enhanced to include tracking of timesheets.

There were several benefits to the business including:

  • More than one person could access the system at any time – unlike Excel
  • All the information for a project is held in one place
  • Actions on projects can be assigned to a colleague and easily tracked
  • A dashboard shows the status of all actions across all projects
  • Contacts such as suppliers can be recorded and assigned to a project
  • Contacts can also be categorised so staff can search for specific professions, such as town planners and interior designers
  • Suppliers on each project can be rated
  • Bespoke reports – such as current workload and sales pipeline – can be generated at a click of a button