Case Study

Shoots And Leaves

Shoots And Leaves is a landscape design and gardening business based in Hammersmith. Each winter they sell Christmas trees to local companies and families.

The Challenge

In the space of three weeks, Shoots And Leaves delivers more than 3,000 Christmas trees across West London. However, as more trees were sold each year, the pressure on the company grew because of the following issues:

  • They had no central system containing customers’ details
  • They created invoices manually, rather than re-using customer data
  • To send an invoice, they had to save it and then switch to Outlook
  • They had to work late into the night to draw up delivery routes for the following day

Our Solution

We created a Christmas Database with the help of FileMaker Pro. Staff now needed to enter the following details just once:

  • Customer name, address, phone and email
  • Products ordered
  • Delivery date and time
  • Installation details

Once an order was created, the invoice was produced which could then be emailed to the client – both processes requiring a single click.

Crucially, staff could now see which orders were due the following day, allowing them to create a delivery route for each driver.