Case Study

Special Risks Insurance Brokers

Special Risks Insurance Brokers (SRIB), based in the City of London, provide insurance and re-insurance services.

The Challenge

SRIB had, as their office manager Michael Knight put it, “spreadsheets within spreadsheets”. This was causing operational problems.

Their particular issues were:

  • They were using too much time tracking down data in numerous spreadsheets
  • They had limited audit trail for their premiums, which meant debt recovery processes were difficult to implement
  • They struggled with their statutory reporting. This was a time-consuming process and they had to double-check information with their accountants prior to submission

Our Solution

We built a system that allowed SRIB to store information about risks, premiums and claims in a single place. Because the FileMaker database had a drill-down facility, it meant staff no longer needed to waste time searching through numerous spreadsheets and documents.

They can now search for a particular risk, claim or premium. SRIB love the fact that the FileMaker system stores all the associated documentation.

The firm’s debt collection procedure is much better because the new system creates an audit trail of all recovery information.

In addition, their statutory reporting process is much more straightforward, which has meant:

  • The quality of their data has improved
  • They no longer need to waste time collating information manually
  • They are more confident in the quality of the information produced
  • They pay much less in accountancy fees

It all means staff can now spend more time attracting new business.