Why Choose

FileMaker Pro

Multiple Users

Databases can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously.

Professional Reports

Produce professional looking reports including graphs and charts.


Can handle multimedia file types including images, videos and sound


Using the PHP API, Filemaker solutions can exchange information via the web.Produce professional looking reports including graphs and charts.

Produce Reports

A Filemaker solution allows the generation of bespoke reports that can be used both internally and externally. For example:

  • Summary of all asset valuations at a point in time
  • Portfolios that have particular assets
  • Fees that have been paid or are still outstanding
  • A professional client-facing valuation report

Improve Data Quality

Using Filemaker, financial services companies can be sure they have excellent data quality. For example:

  • Allow portfolio details only to be assigned to individuals who have been registered on the system
  • Checking assets are assigned only to valid portfolio numbers
  • Automatic creation of portfolio elements when a known asset type is purchased on a valid portfolio
  • Correct client details so any client correspondence is conducted in a professional manner