Spreadsheet Automation

Our services are for businesses who want to reduce time on repetitive tasks and increase business intelligence.

We take away the need to:

If you are entering the same data into two or more different systems, you are wasting your time. Fingertips Intelligence can integrate your systems together so that you only enter data once.

If your monthly routine includes creating invoices individually for each customer, you’ll know how much time this can take up. Fingertips can automate your invoicing so that invoices can be produced completely automatically, or a minimal amount of data can be entered for each invoice.

A common problem in businesses is having to change the format of data coming from one system so that it’s compatible with another. Time spent fixing data formats is time that could be better spent building the business. Fingertips Intelligence are specialists in creating systems which can correctly convert data formats and automatically fix up data so that it can be imported into your systems with the click of a button.

We work in London and surrounding areas, and have delivered excel spreadsheet projects throughout the region. At Fingertips Intelligence we are not just Excel VBA programmers but are commercially aware in the workings of financial reporting, invoicing and stock control.  Many of our clients comment on our ability to grasp their wider issues from the outset. We are experts with Excel pivot tables, VBA, Excel vlookup, Excel Visual Basic and Excel graphs.

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