Database Design

Is a custom database right for me?

For most companies, the decision to invest into a database solution is substantial and they need to ensure the proposed system meets their needs – now and in the future. With 15 years of system design behind us, we fully understand this. On this page we list some of the key steps we go through when designing solutions.

 Our solutions are for people who:

Have lots of data but need a means of turning that data into business intelligence

Have to spend time entering data into several systems each month

Have data that is held in multiple systems and unable to see “joined up” views

Are overrun with spreadsheets or Outlook databases

Most organisations hold highly confidential data which must be properly protected. Filemaker allows you to set up permissions for individual users. For example you can restrict access to commercially sensitive information.

Any system is only as good as the data that it contains. Using Filemaker’s validation tools, we ensure that your system is robustly designed so that  any necessary data checks (e.g. valid dates, required fields) can be performed.

We identify critical information that the business needs to know at a glance e.g. outstanding payments or contract due-dates and place them together on a single management dashboard. This will be the first page that you see when logging on – so you can identify and deal with potential issues immediately.

We identify the key processes that underpin your business e.g. quotation, invoicing, payments and reporting. For each process we collate all the required data items and group them in an appropriate manner.

One of the most important aspects of database design is ensuring that any required reports are produced. We look at all the necessary reports and make sure that they can be generated easily from the system.

One of the main reasons why systems fail is that screens are badly designed e.g. data is laid out poorly or the screens do not sit logically together. At Fingertips Intelligence, we spend a lot of time making sure your data is visually represented in the most understandable way.