Accounting Packages


Sage is the most popular accounting software in the UK and is used by companies from the very small to the very large. Fingertips Intelligence can help you to access the data from your Sage systems and make Sage talk to your other data systems automatically.


Kashflow is the accounting software of choice for many small businesses. Whilst it has a large number of add-ons, there is still a need for custom integration with bespoke systems. At Fingertips Intelligence, we’re specialists in making Kashflow talk to your other systems.


QuickBooks is one of the world’s most popular accounting solutions. We can get your QuickBooks data into other applications, and import data into QuickBooks, helping to automate your business flow and bring your systems together.

Sage, Kashflow and Quickbooks integration

If you are working with a popular accounting package and you need it to talk seamlessly to your other data systems, contact Fingertips Intelligence.

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