A purpose-built Filemaker database can bring many benefits to a recruitment company

Customised KPIs

Set and measure and your own custom Key Performance Metrics.


Track candidates, interviews, outcomes, and next steps.

Document storage

Filemaker allows you to store and display documents such as CVs and covering letters easily.

Customised KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are now an essential part of any recruitment business, as they are an indicator of business performance. They can flag up potential problems before they actually manifest themselves. Filemaker allows you to set up and monitor your chosen KPIs in a way that suits you. They can also be shown graphically and exported to PDF or Excel.

Improved workflow

Filemaker allows the creation of workflow schedules so you can manage tasks better. For example you can see when:

Candidates need to be called back to confirm interviews

To prioritise  tasks such as making more outbound calls to companies

To schedule follow up calls with potential employers

Document Management

A Filemaker solution can help you manage documentation more effectively. Documents can be uploaded directly into Filemaker and then viewed on-screen. For example copies of signed offer letters can be easily stored and retrieved, as well as invoices, CVs, and more.