Property services such as independent lettings agents and property management companies can benefit considerably by having a single Filemaker database solution to hold all their data. Previously staff would have had to search through paper files to retrieve their information. However, with a bespoke Filemaker solution, everything is at the tip of your fingers.

Benefits for property services companies

Filemaker Pro custom application

A bespoke Filemaker solution allows you to generate bespoke reports at the press of a button. As the reports are generated automatically they:

  • Have a consistent look and feel to them
  • Contain relevant information such as company’s address, registered office and company details

Examples of reports that could be produced are:

  • Transactions covering a single property or tenancy period
  • Information for a group of properties e.g. all those owned by an individual landlord
  • Summary information showing all the income that has been earned in a particular period

Having a dashboard allows you to quickly manage your entire portfolio. You can be on top of potential issues before they become problematic. For example:

  • Have a list of properties where rent is due to fall in the next 7 days – as payments are received, the alert can be closed
  • Know the status of any outstanding maintenance on your property – and be able to manage them e.g if work falls behind schedule
  • Be aware of any “End of tenancy agreements” ahead of schedule and be able to plan for tenancy extensions / finding new tenants

You will be able to record and manage the activities relating to your estate:

  • Property details (location, size, structure)
  • Payments received on the property e.g rental payments
  • Payments made on the property such as insurance premiums and maintenance/service charges
  • Maintenance history
  • Approved list of suppliers