Automation From a Manager’s Perspective

Benefits for managers

Why should a manager or director automate their business? One answer is to save time – but in fact there are many other benefits that can be realised by automating processes.

Custom Excel and spreadsheet solutions

Make better decisions, faster. Many of our solutions have dashboards that can show potential issues e.g. when money is overdue or meetings are scheduled.

When all your data is systemised, junior staff can undertake more tasks. One of our clients was a letting agents who grew their business from 30 to 110 properties in 6 months, simply because office staff could now carry out work without the business owner being involved. He used this time to grow the business.

Create and compare different scenarios to help decision-making. One of our projects allowed the customer to analyse from which warehouse they should send their products to ensure maximum profitability.

Gain the ability to share data. Unlike a spreadsheet, databases allow several people to access the same data simultaneously without loss or corruption of data.

Outputs are more consistent – making your organisation look more professional.

Data is held in a single place so there is no need to waste time searching through folders.

Restrict who can view or modify data, down to the individual data item level. There’s no need to remember passwords, the system recognises who has logged on and determines what they can and can’t have access to.

Integrate several parts of the business simultaneously. E.g. when you raise an invoice, a copy can automatically be set up in your accounts package – reducing your book-keeping costs.