Financial Services

A financial services company such as a firm of IFAs or wealth management firm can use a client database to record their clients’ portfolios and the underlying assets.

A Filemaker solution allows the generation of bespoke reports that can be used both internally and externally. Suggested reports include:

  • Summary of all the asset valuations at a point in time
  • Details of all the portfolios that have particular assets
  • Information relating to fees that have been paid or are still outstanding
  • A professional client facing valuation report

With Filemaker, a financial services company can benefit from knowing that they have excellent data standards. For example:

  • Allowing portfolio details only to be assigned to individuals who have been registered on the system
  • Checking that assets are assigned only to valid portfolio numbers
  • Automatic creation of portfolio elements when a known asset type is purchased on a valid portfolio
  • Correct client details so all client correspondence is conducted in a professional manner

A Filemaker database can be configured to automatically calculate management fees:

  • A variety of calculation methods can be applied e.g. tiering or percentage fees
  • Calculation steps can be seen directly on screen – allowing for verification and reconciliation
  • Group fees by related clients e.g. families or allocate to individual portfolios
  • Keep a record of fees paid and outstanding monies
  • Integrate fee payments with a central accounting system such as Sage