Financial Controllers

Fingertips Intelligence work closely with Senior Finance Personnel including Financial Controllers and (portfolio) Financial Directors. They value our understanding of systems, business processing and management accounting.  We have worked with a number of such individuals to automate internal processes in some cases reducing the time taken from a man month to a matter of minutes.

Many of our solutions have consolidated information from multiple sources including:

This has either been done via csv files or in some cases directly linking to the required source system.
Some examples are:
For a City Recruitment firm we reduced month end from a man month to half a day – including reconciling Sage and bank data
We automated the month end for an international facilities Firm so it took 15 minutes rather than 5 days
A leading cancer trust were only able to provide their managers with information on staffing levels, once we had automated the process to just 10 minutes – previously it would have taken several weeks to produce it
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